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  • Session Plan for 2018-2020 Batch

    Please follow the following detail for the Module on Contemporary Developments in Management Thoughts.

    Date - 25.04.2019 & 27.04.2019 ( WD & WE)
    Time Duration - 8.30am - 3.00pm
    Handouts were uploded.
    Please ready to the presentation
  • Notice

    Please note that the printing facilities are not available from the library due to the unavoidable reason. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Programme Officer - SPS

  • MPM 2016-2018 - WD & WE

    You are advised to make arrangements to do the Research Proposal Presentation on 03rd and 05th January 2019 respectively for weekday and weekend batches in accordance with Session Plan.
    -Academic Coordinator - SPS

    MPM 2017-2019 WD & WE

    Please note that the 2017-2019 course fee is Rs. 280,000/= including the registration fee of Rs. 10,000/=.

    Examination of 2017-2019 semester II is scheduled on following dates.
    Nov 01 – Research Methodology
    Nov 03 – Public Financial Management

    Nov 10 – Empirical Analysis for Decision making

    Except the participant of 2017-2019 batch, other candidates (repeaters) are expected to apply for the repeat examination on or before 29th October 2018.

    MPM 2017-2019 WD & WE

    To obtain Semester II admissions, please make sure to settle the course fee up to Rs.110,000/= including the registration fee.

    MPM 2016/2018 Semester III Results
    Strategic Management
    Public Finance Management
    Public Policy Management

    MPM 2015/2017 Semester VI Results
    Productivity Quality Mgt & Service Marketing
    Law for Administration

    MPM 2017/2019 Semester I Results
    Public Mgt and Governance
    Contemporary Development in Mgt Thoughts
    Economics for Policy Making


    MPM Lecture Presentations
    Please note that all the lecture notes are uploaded only if the lecturer has shared it with SPS office.
    Academic Coordinator
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