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  • MPM 2015-2017 Semester V

    Classes will be starting from 26 & 28 Oct 2017.

    Click to view MPM 2014-2016 Sem IV Results (Released)

    MPM 2015-2017 Re-scheduled Exam Dates

    The exam dates has been revised as follows;

    07 Oct 2017 - Sustainable Development & Environment Mgt.
    14 Oct 2017 - HRM Theory and Practices
    19 Oct 2017 - Development Planning and Project Mgt.

    It is compulsory to submit all 6 assignments and settle the course fee at least Rs. 200,000/= to obtain the admission on or before 6th October 2017.

    Please consider due course fee and assignments will not be accepted
    and the admissions will not be issued on 7th October 2017.

    Course Coordinator
  • All MPM Study fellows

    Formal dress is compulsory to sit for the exams on Weekdays.

    All MPM Particip

    All study fellows must attend to the class room sessions before 8.30 am. Those who have attending lecture sessions after 8.30 am, the attendance marks will be deducted.

    Dr. S R S N Sudasinghe
    Academic Coordinator
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