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  • MPM 2014-2016 OHC Presentation
    The OHC presentation visit has been scheduled on 28th Oct 2016.
    WE batch at Dept. Registration of persons.
    for more information, Please contact Mr. S Medagama or SPS Office.

    MPM 2014-2016 (WE) Research Work - V
    please bring your research problems, objectives, ect. in a listed format to the session will be held on 08/10/2016. Ms. Dileepa Wedage will be the resource person.

  • All MPM Study fellows
    Please refer the link for seminar on "Blue Ocean Strategy". All are welcome.
    Link Click here

  • MPM 2013-2015 WD/WE OHC Presentation Report - Meeting
    A special meeting will be held on 6 Oct 2016 to finalize the OHC presentation reports at 1st floor 1-4 class room from 11.30 am onward. Please note that your participation is compulsory.

    MPM 2013-2015 WD/WE OHC Presentation

    the OHC presentation reports have to be submitted before 30th Sept 2016. the late submission reports will not be released results.Applied to both batches of 2013-2015.

  • All MPM Participants

    All study fellows must attend to the class room sessions before 8.30 am. Those who have attending lecture sessions after 8.30 am, the attendance marks will be deducted.

    Dr. S R S N Sudasinghe
    Academic Coordinator
  • Policy Paper Presentations
    Please consider policy paper/ Dissertation presentation will be allocated / called acoording to the sequence that study fellows have submitted the 2nd draft to the SPS office. The dates will be reserved by the availability of SLIDA faculty. Hence pls submit your draft a.s.a.p. to make the administrative process more effective.

    Academic coordinator

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