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  • MPM - 2012-2014 Field Visit
    will be scheduled on 14 November 2014.

    Detail uploaded to the Module content.

    MPM-2013/2015 Semester III

    Class room sessions of 2013/2015 Sem III will be starting from November 13th And 15th. Time table and session plan will be uploaded soon.


    Please note that the final Policy papers should be submitted
    to SPS on or before 11th October 2014.
    Accordingly the presentations will be conducted on 13th and 14th October 2014.

    MPM 2013 -2015 Sem V -WD & WE (Assignment Due dates Revised)
    please submit your Hard copy of Empirical Analysis assignment 1 to SPS office on or before 09th Oct 2014 and email the soft copy to Mr. W. Nanayakkara

  • Notice

    Dear Participants

    Please submit your assignment on time as SPS is strict on deducting marks for late submissions.

    Academic Coordinator


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